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The life of Rob Thomas’ son Maison Avery William Thomas


“Celebrity kids” is the name that has been coined for children born to celebrities, and they have often become popular because of the influence of their parents. One such celebrity kid is Maison Avery William Thomas. Maison Thomas is the son of famous American singer and songwriter, Rob Thomas.

 Maison Avery William Thomas
Maison | Image credit: The Handbook

Maison Thomas, like any other celebrity kid, courted attention for being the son of a very popular and influential singer, Rob Thomas. No one is talking about you and me because we weren’t born to celebrity parents. That is the difference. So who is Maison Avery William Thomas?

Born on July 10 of the year 1998, Maison Thomas is a celebrity baby blessed to the celebrity couple Rob Thomas and his stepmother Marisol Maldonado.

The celebrity kid’s many names have their significant meanings.

Maison is the French word for “Home, Domicile”. The name Avery means “Ruler, Power”. William means “Resolute Protector”.

So his parents didn’t just pile up a list of names on him as each is of significance.

Maison Thomas was born to his father’s ex-girlfriend Kerry Williams.

After breaking up with Kerry, Rob started dating Marisol Malsonado to whom he got married in 1999, a year after Avery’s birth.

What does Maison Avery William Thomas do?

Maison Avery William Thomas
Maison | Image credit: Glamour Path

Avery, seemingly taking some inspiration from his dad, Rob, is building a career in music of which his father is very supportive as any father would his child taking steps towards greatness.

He is a guitarist in his band ‘Hand Made House’.

The band members include; Josh Nardine, the drummer, Maison Thomas, the guitarist, Mark Donohue, the bassist, Amin Mortada, also the guitarist, and Tucker Click, the vocalist.

Maison Avery William Thomas father

 Maison Avery William Thomas
Rob Thomas | Image credit: Billboard

His father is the famous Robert Thomas.

Who is Robert Thomas?

Robert Kelly Thomas is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead singer of rock band Matchbox Twenty.

Thomas also records and performs as a solo artist, with “Lonely No More” released in 2005 becoming his biggest solo chart success.

Robert Thomas was born on February 14, 1972, in Landstuhl, Germany.

How old is Maison Avery William Thomas?

He was born on July 10 of the year 1998, as such, he is, as of 2021, 23 years of age.

Maison is very active on his social media sites.

He goes by the username @maisonthomaseudy on Instagram and @MaisonThomasE on Twitter because Maison Avery William Thomas is very obviously too long of a name.

He posts pictures of himself, his father, his friends, and updates on his band.


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