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The story of Marcella Francesca Hetfield, James Hetfield’s daughter


The heavy metal band, Metallica co-founder, James Hetfield is a very popular personality whose songs have been soothing to the hearts of many. One thing that has happened to James that is soothing to his heart is the birth of his daughter Mercella Francesca Hetfield. What do you know about the celebrity kid whose father is such a known figure in the music industry?

In today’s article, we are exploring the life of the celebrity kid Marcella Francesca Hetfield. Marcella is the daughter of James Hetfield with his wife Francesca Hetfield. Why is little Marcella’s middle name her mother’s name? We shall break all of that down.

Who is Marcella Francesca Hetfield?

Marcella francesca hetfield
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Marcella Francesca Hetfield is one of the children of James and Francesca Hetfield. Marcella was born on born on January 17, 2002, in San Francisco, California.

She was named ‘Marcella’, which is a Latin word that means “warlike”. Her middle ‘Francesca’ was given to her as a tribute to her mother, Francesca Tomasi.

You must be a good mum to have your daughter named after you, isn’t it? Francesca Tomasi has been married to James Hetfield since 1997.

How did Marcella Francesca Hetfield parents meet?

 James Hetfield
James and his wife, Francesca | Image credit: Wikiodin

Marcella’s parents James and Francesca Hetfield first met in the early ’90s.

At the time, she worked as a costume designer in the wardrobe department of the promotional tour for Metallica’s self-titled fifth studio album.

James and Francesca instantly develop some feelings for one another in between work and they started to date each other after the end of the tour.

They tied the knot on August 17, 1997, and have since had three children together.

Following matrimony, Francesca became the turning point of his life as she helped James to get rid of his problems.

He described her like a saving angel, who stood by his side taking care of him in his struggling phase in between addiction and his anger management problems.

Who is Marcella Francesca Hetfield father?

 Marcella Francesca Hetfield
Marcella’s father, James Hetfield | Image credit:

Marcella Francesca Hetfield father is James Alan.

James Alan Hetfield is an American musician who is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, co-founder, and main songwriter of heavy metal band Metallica.

He is mainly known for his intricate rhythm playing, but occasionally performs lead guitar duties and solos, both live and in the studio.

James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3, 1963, in Downey, California, United States of America.

Who is Marcella Francesca Hetfield mother?

Marcella’s mother is Francesca Hetfield.

Francesca Hetfield was born on 27th January 1970 in Rosario, Argentina but later relocated to America.

The reason you do not have so much information about her is that her childhood life hasn’t been chronicled, as such, we do not know how her childhood was like.

She only came to the limelight upon meeting the popular James Hetfield. They met in 1992.

At the time of their meeting, Francesca was the costume designer for the Metallica band while they were on a tour titled Wherever We May.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield siblings

Marcella Francesca Hetfield
The James Hetfield family | Image credit: AnswersAfrica

Marcella Francesca Hetfield has grabbed the full attention of her family as the youngest amongst James and Francesca Hetfield’s children.

Marcella has two siblings; Castor Virgil Hetfield and Cali Tee Hetfield.

Castor is the elder brother, born on May 18, 2000, in San Francisco, California.

Likewise, Cali is her older sister, born on June 13, 1998, in San Francisco, CA.

How old is Marcella Francesca Hetfield 2021

Born on 17th January 2002, Marcella turned nineteen years old on January 2021.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield father net worth

The toil of every father is to leave something behind for their children not to come and suffer.

Many fathers have failed at this as their children tend to suffer to make ends meet, particularly when they are no more.

Others have also succeeded at this–making a lot of fortune from which their children can tap into for a good life.

Marcella Francesca Hetfield is definitely a fortunate child as her father James Hetfield is estimated to have a net worth of around $300 million.

He is considered to be one of the best-selling music artists of the all-time as a member of the world’s biggest heavy metal band ‘Metallica’.

His phenomenal talent is preserved as a singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, and co-founder of the band.

The band has received eight Grammy Awards and sold more than 300 million units worldwide.

Further, the band has generated $70 million in revenue from the sale of tickets and merch between the July 2018 and the July 2019 tour.

James’ fortune also includes his $23 Million worth of Colorado property, customized cars and motorcycles collection, and jewelry stuff.

In January 2020, he exhibited his vintage hot rods at Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


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